Uni Baggage Boxes

Everything you need to know about sending boxes with Uni Baggage.

When sending luggage with Uni Baggage, you can use either suitcases or double walled cardboard boxes to package your items.

We recommend this pack of boxes on Amazon, it is 10 boxes and most likely you will only need a few, however it offers the best value for strong boxes on amazon. You don’t have to use all the boxes, you can use them for storage or give them away. You can see all Amazon removal boxes here.


BoxesIs Any Box Suitable?

If you choose to ship your luggage in a box, please ensure that it is a very strong cardboard box – preferably double walled so that your items are well protected!

Your boxes need to be strong, as your luggage will be transported with the courier, alongside other items. The stronger your packaging is, the more it will be able to withstand movement in transit and prevent any damage.

Damage and wear and tear is extremely rare on our service, however, we recommend that customers take all precautions necessary to prevent the possibility.

Lighter cardboard boxes, used for the likes of crisps, are not strong enough and plastic boxes can break easily, please do not use either of these. We only recommend strong, double-walled cardboard boxes.

Additional Box Packaging Tips

It is really important to pack your box properly to protect your items. Adhering to the following tips will help ensure that your belongings arrive safely and in the condition you sent them:

  1. Don’t overfill your box. Make sure that it can easily hold the weight of your items.
  2. Use plenty of brown packaging tape to help keep your box secure. Don’t use sellotape.
  3. Do not overlap the flaps of the boxes, this makes the box very weak and can spill the contents.
  4. Protect individual items with bubble wrap or clothing.
  5. Use clothing to space out heavier items like books.

For additional information on packaging, what you can send and our compensation cover, please take a look at our FAQs.

Attaching Labels To Your Box Boxes & Label

Once you’ve made a booking with Uni Baggage, we will send you some labels to attach to your box. These will need to be attached securely with tape. If your labels come off in transit, this may cause a delay.

What Size Of Box Can I Send?

You will need to know the measurements (in cm) and the weight (in kg) of your box when booking your Uni Baggage luggage shipment. 

We have volumetric size restrictions when booking it will tell you if an item is too large. You can read more about the calculations for sizes here.

Example sizes boxes you could use:

Up to: 50cm x 50cm x 50cm

Up to: 60cm x 45cm x 40cm

Uni Baggage offers a weight limit of up to 20kg or 30kg per box. If your item is heavier, you may need to repackage your luggage and book an additional item. Or, you can contact us to get a custom quote.

To find out if your box is within our size restrictions, please visit our Size Checker tool.

Where Can I Get Boxes?

If you need boxes, we recommend getting them from Amazon. Click below to purchase!



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