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A warm welcome to you from team Uni Baggage!

The Uni Baggage team is made up of mostly recent university graduates – which means we know exactly what it’s like to be a student and most importantly – we know exactly what you need when it comes to student shipping.

Trust Us – We’ve Been There uni baggage student shipping suitcase

Our Managing Director, Paul Stewart came up with the idea for Uni Baggage when he was a 19-year-old student at The University of Edinburgh, struggling to find an efficient and affordable way to transport his luggage to and from his home in Northern Ireland every single term.

In fact, the majority of the Uni Baggage team studied at university far away from home, so we’ve all faced that familiar issue of having to transport luggage back and forth.

We’ve been there, so we know what’s important to you and that’s why we can provide you with such an outstanding shipping service.

Our Promise To You

We will save you time, by providing a convenient student shipping service that’s easy to book and is stress free. We will save you money, as Uni Baggage can offer student-friendly prices . And with a dedicated support team, we will give you an excellent level of customer care.

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Our Mission

In the years since Uni Baggage began, we have evolved into the UK’s Best Shipping Company and we transport personal effects for more than 25,000 students worldwide.

We want to continue to grow and help even more students everywhere, so if you want to see what Uni Baggage can do for you, get a quote below.

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