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Everything I’ve Learned About Internships

Having completed four Marketing Internships, I certainly know the do’s & don’t of interning like the palm of my hand. Have a look at everything I know about Internships. Continue reading

5 Things To Do During Summer On A Student Budget

It has been a long, cold winter (and an even longer final semester) but, thankfully, summer and the prospect of having fun is fast approaching. If living on a student budget means that spending the summer travelling the world is … Continue reading

6 Things To Remember If You Struggle With Mental Health At University

According to mental health charity Mind, 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from mental health issues every year, with university students in particular being some of the most vulnerable. There are many reasons as to why this might be the … Continue reading

6 Study Tips For When You’re Lacking Motivation

Whether you’re writing an essay or studying for an upcoming exam, it can be easy to lose your momentum at university. After all, studying is nothing short of tedious, and the thought of heading down to the pub with your … Continue reading

Uni Baggage Presents: The Anti-Valentine’s Playlist

Valentine’s Day… We’re. So. Over. It. February 14th, hailed as the most romantic day of the year, rolls around every year, and every single time is greeted with a variation of mixed feelings. Whether you see the heart-shaped holiday as … Continue reading

19 Reasons Why January Is Actually The WORST Month At University

The January blues are real. And, if you’re a student, they are only worsened by the start of a brand new semester… Continue reading

4 Study Apps That Are Actually Worth Downloading

Let’s face it, studying is tedious… It can even feel like a chore. But what if we told you there are apps out there, that are ACTUALLY worth downloading, that can aid your study? Okay, sure, they won’t actually lessen … Continue reading

6 Ways To Make Going Back To Uni In January A Little Bit Easier

Christmas is over… After having the luxury of being at home for a WHOLE MONTH, with a fridge full of glorious food and doting parents to boot, it’s time to make the dreaded return back to your student life at … Continue reading

22 Things That Happen When You Go Home From University For The Christmas Holidays

Christmas is an entirely different experience when you’re a university student… Continue reading

16 Truly Terrifying Things That Happen At University, As Told By Buzzfeed Unsolved

Whether you’re a #Shaniac or a #Boogara, university life has you like: (wheeze) (sigh). 1. Realising you have no idea what you’re doing with your life. 2. Being picked to answer a question in a seminar when you definitely weren’t … Continue reading