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21 Stages Of Trying To Meet Your Assignment Deadline, As Told By Riverdale

A Riverdale depiction of trying to meet that deadline you’ve been obstinately ignoring. Continue reading

The 22 Stages Of Writing An Essay, As Told By ‘Bake Off’

Being a contestant on The Great British Bake Off and trying to write an essay at university are more similar than you think. In fact, the stress of trying to meet your deadline can be likened to that of a technical … Continue reading

Student Entrepreneur: How To Balance School and Business

Universities and colleges are a hotbed of innovation, so it’s no surprise that students are starting up their own businesses from their dorm rooms. If you’re a business owner and a student, you’ll know that it can be difficult balancing … Continue reading

33 Thoughts You Have When You Catch Freshers’ Flu

Fresher’s Flu is not a myth. It is real. And it is painful. 1. It’s just a cold. I’m totally fine. 2. In fact, I’ve never felt better! 3. A night out? No problem! I’m not sick! I feel fine! … Continue reading

7 Inventive Ways To Travel And Make Money As A Student

We all have that friend who is going travelling and has a seemingly unlimited bank account to fund an epic year of sun and sea, with no real need to pick up a grotty bar job in the Philippines. If you … Continue reading

24 Times Orange Is The New Black Summed Up Living In Student Halls

It turns out that prison and student halls aren’t so different… 1. When, in the lead up to your big move to uni, the excitement of unpacking and decorating your new place is almost overwhelming. 2. Like, you’re getting way … Continue reading

19 Moments of Freshers’ Week, As Told By American Horror Story

It’s exciting and terrifying all at once. 1. Moving into your new student accommodation and having to bid your parents farewell. 2. Looking forward to the incoming new experiences, never mind how on earth you’re going to survive it all. … Continue reading

19 Times Game of Thrones Summed Up Your Life At University

You know nothing. More wine. 1. When you saw what you looked like on your student card for the very first time. 2. When your mum calls to ask if you’ve been eating well and looking after yourself and you’re … Continue reading

33 Thoughts You Have In a 9am Lecture When You’re Too Tired To Function

Making the effort to pull yourself out of bed to turn up to your 9am lecture always seems like a good and responsible idea. Until you actually get there, that is. If you’re a student that has ever attended a … Continue reading

6 Things That Will Definitely Happen During Your First University Term

Ah, your first ever university term. Starting university is a brand new chapter in the book that is your life. It’s a fresh start. You get to live away from home, make incredible life-long friends, broaden your mind and so much … Continue reading