Uni Baggage Launches New Lower Prices and Weight Bands!

Stockholm (2)

Uni Baggage is very excited to announce the launch of our new lower prices and our brand new 20kg weight band to give you even better value for your shipment!

At Uni Baggage, we work hard to constantly improve our services to ensure it as convenient, affordable and stress-free as possible for you to ship your luggage.

In recent months, we have been closely listening to our valuable customer feedback and after taking some of your thoughts on board, we have decided to introduce new lower prices and a new 20kg weight band on all of our European and International routes, to allow better prices for those sending smaller, lighter items.

And that’s not all! Later in the year, we’ll be launching even more exciting new features that will improve your overall luggage shipping experience…


New Lower Prices

We understand that cost is an important factor when it comes to shipping luggage and for that reason, Uni Baggage’s low prices have remained the same for the past few years. However, we’ve now made them even lower!

All across our European and International routes, you will notice that our prices will be lower than before. On average, our European routes have lowered by approximately £5, and our international shipments have lowered at an average of approximately £20.

For example, shipments to and from Ireland have dropped from £29 to £25 for an item weighing up to 30kg. Shipments to and from the USA have experienced an even greater drop, from £123 to just £98 for an item weighing up to 30kg. If you only need to send 20kg or less, prices will be even lower.

Our new prices are the lowest prices available anywhere for our European and International routes. As always, you can make huge savings on your luggage shipments when you choose to book with Uni Baggage.

Our domestic UK and NI services remain the same low prices as always. Even with rising fuel costs, over the past 3 years, we have been able to keep our domestic prices fixed at £16.99 within the UK and £18.99 to and from Northern Ireland. We offer online tracking with email and SMS alerts as standard as well as many more features on all our services.

20kg Weight Band

Uni Baggage has always offered a generous weight allowance of 30kg per item, allowing you to send all of your personal belongings at a price you can afford, without having to leave something behind.

However, whilst having such a generous weight allowance is an advantage in many cases – this doesn’t always work so well for those who might be sending smaller, lighter items. That’s why we’ve decided to introduce a 0-20kg weight band on our European and International routes – to allow better prices for smaller, lighter shipments.

When you obtain a quote from our homepage for any of our European or International routes, prices will be displayed for both 20kg and 30kg weight limits. When you add an item to your order during booking, our system will calculate the correct price based on the actual weight and the volumetric weight.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for even more exciting new features coming soon. If you have any questions, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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Find Uni Baggage On Instagram!

 uni baggage instagram

The Uni Baggage Instagram community is growing!

Through our daily posts and Insta stories, you can see what life is like in the Uni Baggage offices, meet the Uni Baggage team, see cute photos of our boss’ pets when he brings them into the office for a visit, and so much more! As well, you can keep an eye out for giveaways and discounts that we will be offering exclusively to our followers on Instagram. You can follow and keep up to date with Uni Baggage on Instagram @unibaggage.

Another busy day.

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I’m not procrastinating at all… A post shared by Uni Baggage (@unibaggage) on

#tb to when our boss brought his cat into the office and she was wearing a tie. ❤️

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Not on Instagram? Fear not: you can also find Uni Baggage on Twitter and Facebook. Follow us for all of the latest updates and student-related news!

See you there!

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Chinese Student Marketer Wanted

We are on the look-out for a native Chinese speaker that has a real interest in digital marketing. It would be ideal if you have experience in social media marketing, however it is not a requirement.

We love social media at Uni Baggage and are very involved on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have a large number of international Chinese students that use Uni Baggage but we have no real presence on any Chinese social networks. We are on the look-out for a student to help us manage these channels.

File picture illustration shows a WeChat app icon in Beijing

This is a paid internship, for this role we are paying £8/hr. We are super flexible and require the intern for an average of 4-10 hours a week. We can work around terms dates and lectures. You will be working within our in-house marketing team primarily on our social channels.

We ideally are looking for someone based in Belfast to work in our Titanic Quarter Offices, however, you can work remotely if you are based elsewhere.

If you would like to be considered for the role please complete the form below.

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Uni Baggage – Student Bloggers & Social Influencers Wanted

 Bloggers & Influencers Wanted! (2)

Uni Baggage is on the hunt for student bloggers and influencers to work on an exciting opportunity…

Uni Baggage is currently on the lookout for student bloggers with some serious writing skills and a substantial following, as well as social influencers who appeal to a student audience. This is for a paid opportunity to feature Uni Baggage in blog posts, Instagram posts, as well as videos/vlogs, all to raise some awareness of our brand and services.

If this is of interest to you, simply fill in the form below, providing details of the social platforms that are applicable to you, and we’ll be in touch shortly with more details.

Fill out my online form.
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We can’t wait to hear from you!

learn more

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The SMART Way To Get Your Stuff Home From University

student shipping

Gathered up a lot of belongings at university? How are you getting it home at the end of term?

After spending the term at uni, you’ve likely gathered up your fair share of belongings in that time. From clothes, to books, to other personal items – no one wants to leave their worldly belongings behind when they return home at the end of term. However, travelling with all of those bags and boxes isn’t exactly a stress-free experience…

Thankfully, Uni Baggage has a solution.

Uni Baggage helps you to send your luggage home at the end of term the SMART way.

Uni Baggage is the No.1 Student Luggage Shipping Company – we specialise in transporting student baggage across the globe, and we happily take all of the hassle out of getting your stuff home from uni. What’s more – our student-friendly prices mean you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

How Student Shipping Works

Whether you’re travelling from Edinburgh to Cambridge, from Liverpool to Belfast, or from London to New York – we can give you a helping hand with your luggage.

Uni Baggage is used by 30,000+ students in the UK and Worldwide. It costs as little as £16.99 to send a HUGE 30kg suitcase. With Uni Baggage, you’ll never have to worry about leaving your belongings behind at the end of term.

So, what are you waiting for?


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8 Tools To Give Your Assignment Writing Skills A Boost

assignment writing

Need a helping hand to get your grades up?

Maybe you’re only a few points behind your target grade, and you just need a push to get you there. If this sounds like you, you need these eight online tools. They’ll help you write the best essay that you’re capable of, without the hassle.

1. Assignment Help: This website is a great place to get started before you get writing your assignment. It covers all the basics, such as the difference between formal and informal writing. It also helps you understand to types of essay that you can be asked to write, and goes through how to structure them.

2. Cite It In: Do you struggle getting your citations correct in your work? It’s a pain, as getting them wrong can lose you marks, but it’s a fiddly task that isn’t directly related to what you’re writing about. Use this tool to make it much easier. All you have to do is give it the source you’re using, and it will create a citation for you in the citation style of your choosing.

3. UK Writings: At university, it’s getting harder and harder to get the one to one help that you really need. If you can’t get a consultation with your professors, try these professional writers instead. They will walk you through the assignment writing process, and really help you get to grips with what makes a good essay.

4. Big Assignments: Do you want to use a service that can point you where you need to go? This website can help. If you’re unsure of what you need to do, their expert staff can show you the best route to take. They’re an excellent educational portal, so talk to them when you’re feeling stuck.

5. Easy Word Count: The word count you’re given on your assignments is there for a reason. Go too far over, and you’re needlessly padding out your work. Come up too short, and you’re not including everything that should be in there. Paste your work into this tool, and you’ll get a quick and accurate word count.

6. Thesis Creator: If you find it difficult putting together a plan for your essays, this is the tool for you. It walks you through a plan, asking you about your topic and position, helping you build an argument. Fill in all the boxes, and you have an easy to follow plan that will help you get top grades.

7. Ox Essays: Are you drowning in deadlines and not sure how you’ll get all your work done on time? This writing service can help. Send them your assignment briefs, and they will be able to write an essay that will get you the grades you need. If you already have the essay, they can proofread and edit it for you. They’re the best people to turn to when you’re in a pinch.

8. Small SEO Tools: This site has a multitude of tools you really should incorporate into your essay writing. The plagiarism checker makes sure you don’t accidentally use a source too closely in your own writing, losing you marks. The grammar checker picks up any errors that slipped you by. There’s also word count and spell checkers, so this website really is the whole package.

Keep these tools in your arsenal for when you need to write assignments. You’ll be glad you have them when you need them the most. They’ll have your back when you’re writing, and ensure that you get the best grades that you’re capable of.

Written by Mary Walton, blog editor at SimpleGrad.com.

Are you a student? Discover Uni Baggage…


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19 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have January Exams

january exams

It’s January. AKA, the worst month to be a student.

Good morning to everyone except the person who invented January exams.

1. You thought this year would be the year that you’d be really organised with your studies.

The New Celebrity Apprentice 2016 nbc confidence snooki

2. But then the January exam season crept up on you WAY too soon.

netflix season 1 scared stranger things hiding

3. You couldn’t even fully enjoy Christmas because the impending doom was so real.

4. Even still, you couldn’t bring yourself to do any work over the break.

Image result for but i already did something today gif

5. And when anyone asks you why, you only have one answer:

Image result for we were on a break gif

6. But now you have to learn an entire semester of work in just a few weeks.

Satisfied Customer reactions retro coffee help

7. And you’re skipping uni to catch up on uni because you skipped too much uni.

HULU tv worried fxx oh no

8. Basically, the year has barely begun and you’re already contemplating dropping out.

Bachelor in Paradise season 3 episode 6 work abc

9. The most comforting words you can hear right now are “I haven’t started yet either”.

hug scrubs bromance hugging best friends

10. When you eventually start to revise, you realise how screwed you really are.

shocked oh no anal the nanny wide eyes

11. You spend all night in the library and your uni friends find you the next morning like:


12. You find yourself at that point of desperation where you’re actually calculating the lowest mark you need to pass.


 13. Eventually, all you can do is face your fate.


14. You give yourself a pep talk and actually begin to feel lowkey confident about the whole thing.


15. You got this, everything is gonna be okay.

reactions liz lemon lets do this its on

16. But then you read the first question on your first exam and it immediately makes you wish you hadn’t bothered with uni at all.


17. When it’s over, you quickly disappear before people start discussing their answers.

fire the office escape michael scott get out

18. Because you just know you’ll end up like this:

19. At the end of it all, you’re just like:


Are you a student? Find out how Uni Baggage can help you…


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Uni Baggage: A Year In Review 2016


Uni Baggage has had quite the year…

As another year draws to a close, here at Uni Baggage we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on what a truly wonderful year it has been and what it has meant for our business.

One of the most exciting things to happen this year was our big move into our brand new, modern offices. Complete with a conference room, a fully stocked kitchen, a comfortable break-out room and a main operational floor – the Uni Baggage staff have been making themselves feel at home since the move in July!





In 2016, the Uni Baggage team waved goodbye to some wonderful staff members who, after their fantastic contributions to the business, have went on to pursue new careers – and we wish them all the very best. Although we were sad to see them go, it was entirely bittersweet, as we got to welcome some new faces to our ever-expanding team!

This year, we took our customer feedback on board and we launched some handy new Flexi Fare options to the Uni Baggage service, in order to give our customers more control and flexibility over their bookings than ever before. Our Flexi Fare options give customers the ability to edit or even cancel their booking right up to the day of collection.

As well, Uni Baggage has seen its highest sales ever within the last 12 months, as well as more customers than ever before. Every single term we’re helping thousands of students transport their luggage to and from university, not to mention holiday goers, business users and expats, counting up more miles than we could have ever hoped!

Of course, none of this would be possible without those who continue continue to support our services. As a small, local Northern Irish company, we truly appreciate your business, and we hope we can continue to help with your luggage deliveries again in 2017.

So from all of us at Uni Baggage – thank you!


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The Ultimate Student Christmas Gift Guide

ultimate student christmas gift guide

Gift-giving is one of the most exciting parts of the festive season…

However, it also just so happens to be one of the most expensive parts of the entire year. And for students in particular, it can be rather daunting when trying to figure out how exactly to buy great gifts that your loved ones will enjoy all on a tight student-budget.

With a team made up of recent graduates, we at Uni Baggage understand all too well what it’s like trying to do Christmas on a teeny tiny student-budget. It ain’t easy. That’s why we’ve put our heads together to come up with the ultimate Christmas gift guide for students, compiling a ton of last minute gift ideas to suit all kinds of budgets.

Whether you’re buying for a relative, a friend, your other half or otherwise, we’re sure that your loved ones would be happy to receive any of theses gifts. You won’t have to worry about breaking the bank or living off baked beans for the rest of the academic year…

You might even spy something that could go on your own wishlist…

£10 & Under

ultimate student christmas gift guide 10 and under

Whiskey Stones – Know someone who loves their whisky? Give them these handy stones that will keep their beverage of choice cool without watering it down!

Beer Pong Set – If you know someone who loves their party games (with the added bonus of alcohol) then this super affordable set is perfect for them. Buy it for your housemate for the ultimate drinking game!

Cat Mug – Who doesn’t love to receive a cute, novelty mug at Christmas time? If you have a cat lover in your life, then this is the perfect mug for them.

Ryan Gosling Colouring Book – Hey girl, do you know any Ryan Gosling fanatics? They are bound to love this colouring book…

Hungry Student Cookbook – If you know any fellow students that need a hand with their cooking, this could be the perfect gift for them. After all, fending for yourself in the kitchen is one of university’s biggest challenges…

Yankee Candle Set – Candles are the perfect gift to receive during the festive season. An easy win for anyone!

Grow Your Own Cactus – If you know someone who is into their greenery, then this is the perfect gift for them. Any cactus lover is going to love growing their very own!

Fleecy Hot Water Bottle – A fleecy hot water bottle is the perfect gift for anyone at this time of the year when the nights are cold and dark – especially any fellow students!

Christmas Coffee Shots – If you know a coffee addict, this gift makes for the perfect addition to their stocking. Five Christmas flavoured syrups that they can add to their hot beverage, including gingerbread and orange chocolate!

Sleep Kit – If you know someone who has trouble sleeping, they’ll be more than thankful for this gift. The kit includes a pillow spray, which helps to prepare the mind and body for sleep.

Keyboard Cover – A pretty keyboard cover is a cool gift to give to anyone with a laptop – there’s a ton of different designs to choose from, too!

Geeky Chef Cookbook – If you know someone who’s into Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and all things geeky, they will love this cookbook. With recipes to make all kinds of foods and drinks inspired by their favourite TV shows and films.

Pooch Selfie – Know someone who’s obsessed with their pet? Get them this pooch selfie, so they can take Instagram snaps with their furry friend!

Lovehearts Tealights – The novelty of Lovehearts sweets never gets old, so why not give them to someone in candle form? With the classic Lovehearts scent, you can’t go wrong.

Christmas Jumper Mug – Everyone loves a good ol’ hot drink at this time of the year, so why not make it that little bit more special for someone in a mug with a festive jumper?

 £11 – £25

ultimate student christmas gift guide 11 to 25

Cards Against Humanity – If you’re stuck for a gift to buy for someone, Cards Against Humanity is the perfect option. It makes for the perfect game that a bunch of people can get involved it – you could even play it with your nearest and dearest on Christmas Day. Maybe leave your grandparents out of it though…

Game Of Phones – Another fun game perfect for a group of people, where you can use your phone as the ultimate gaming partner.

Question A Day Journal – This journal is a nice, meaningful gift to give to one of your loved ones. By answering a question set upon by the journal every day, it shows you what was going through your head for five years of your life.

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes – A makeup brush set is the perfect gift for any makeup lover that you might know. And you can’t go wrong with a brand like Real Techniques.

Dressing Gown – Everyone loves to own a dressing gown – and it may not necessarily be something that you’d buy for yourself. So treat one of your loved ones to a snug dressing gown to lounge around in over the festive period.

Blend Active Smoothie Maker – A blender is just one of those household items that’s
always handy to have. This super affordable smoothie maker by Blend Active is the perfect pick.

Waffle Maker – Who doesn’t love waffles? Another household item that someone may not necessarily buy for themselves.

Cocktail Set – If you know a cocktail lover, gifting them their very own cocktail set is the perfect way to their heart. They can become a fully-fledged mixologist in no time.

Pretty Honest – This book by author Sali Hughes is described as the perfect companion for any beauty lover. It’s witty, wise and truthful.

Lauren Graham: Talking As Fast As I Can – Fans of Gilmore Girls will love this new release from Lauren Graham, a book about life, love and working as a woman in Hollywood.

Photo Frame – A photo frame is a perfect gift for any of your nearest and dearest, whether it be a relative, a friend or your other half. You could even fill it with your own personal, sentimental photos to make the gift all that more special.

Humans Of New York – This book makes for an awe-inspiring coffee table read. Filled with intriguing stories straight from the mouths of humans of New York City.

Portable Charger – If you know someone who is constantly on their phone, this portable charger is the perfect accessory to them. They can ensure their phone is at full power all day long!

iPhone Lens – If you know someone who is a keen iPhone photographer, then they will love these variation of lenses to play about with.

Cinema Light Box – This light box makes for the most beautiful decoration. You can personalise your own messages and change it as often as you like.

£25 – £50

ultimate student christmas gift guide 25 to 50

Drake Life Size Cut-Out – If you know any keen Drake fans who weren’t able to get any tickets to his upcoming tour, this is the perfect gift…

Gilmore Girls Boxset Seasons 1-7 – Give the Gilmore Girls fanatic in your life the perfect opportunity to binge watch their favourite show.

Disney Monopoly – Monopoly, with a Disney twist! Any Disney fanatic would love this retro board game as a gift, and everyone can get involved.

PS4 controller – If you know someone with a PS4, buying them a brand new controller is a perfect choice. It means you can also get involved in the gaming…

Coffee Machine – If you know a coffee lover, there’s no better way to their heart than with a coffee machine. They can make their very own barista style coffee at home.

Curling Wand – A curling wand is the perfect gift for the girl (or boy) who has everything.

Master Pan – For those who love to cook a mean breakfast, the master pan will make their life so much easier. It’s a multi-section frying pan that takes away the pain of struggling to cook everything at once!

Vintage Radio – A vintage radio is not only perfect for music lovers, but also makes for a beautiful decorative feature in any room.

Brewdog Punk IPA Beer Making Kit – If you know any craft-beer lovers, give them the opportunity to make their very own!

Game Of Thrones Monopoly – Similar to the Disney Monopoly, this is the classic board game with a Westereos twist. Any Game of Throne lover will be excited to delve into this.

Marshmallow and Toffee Fudge Flavoured Vodka – Premium vodka in the sweet flavours of marshmallow and toffee fudge. Certainly not your regular pre-drinks beverage of choice…

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Mini Lipstick Charms – Give the gift of luxury makeup to the beauty fanatic in your life with these high quality lipstick charms from Charlotte Tilbury.

Baylis & Harding Gift Set – Give someone the gift of a pamper session at home with this festive themed gift set from Baylis & Harding, which includes a candy cane scented body wash and a vanilla frosting scented body lotion.

Bluetooth Speaker – This water resistant and sand proof speaker gives someone the chance to enjoy their music both indoors and outdoors.

Pyropet Candle – This is a super quirky gift for any candle lover. They are a new take on candles, combining candles and contemporary macabre art. As you burn these cute figures, the wax melts to reveal the beast of the animal inside.


ultimate student christmas gift guide 50

Instax Mini Camera – This polaroid camera makes a perfect gift for the keen photographer in your life. They are available in a variety of colours, too.

HP Sprocket – This handy little device allows you to print instant, polaroid-like photos straight from your smart phone. It’s conveniently travel sized, so you can take it with you everywhere! This is the ideal gift for anyone.

Frends Headphones – Everyone loves to receive a pair of headphones, and these beautiful Frends headphones are no exception.

Crosley Record Player – Treat the music lover in your life to the dreamy gift of a brand new, aesthetically pleasing record player.

Liz Earle Gift Box Collection – This gift set from Liz Earle is the perfect luxurious gift for the beauty fanatic in your life. The set includes a nourishing cleanser, tonic and moisturiser.

Amazon Gift Card – If you’re completely stuck for a gift to purchase for someone, why not treat them to an Amazon gift card? You can’t go wrong!

Kindle – For the avid reader in your life, allow them to keep all of their reads in one place with the super portable Kindle.

Game Of Thrones Box Set – Who doesn’t love Game of Thrones? Give someone the perfect binge-watching opportunity by treating them to the boxset of HBO’s most popular show.

Amazon Echo – The Amazon Echo is the innovative hands-free speaker that you control with your voice. The device plays music from Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn and more, as well as providing updates on news, sports scores, weather and more!

Marshall Acton Speaker – This high quality speaker is perfect for any music lover. It has the classic Marshall design with a vintage look, and carries a long standing tradition of loud sound.

There you have it! We hope our gift guide is able to give you some inspiration for all of your last minute Christmas shopping. Merry Christmas from all of us at Uni Baggage!

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19 Reasons Why You Can’t Wait To Go Home For Christmas


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

You just have to make it through to the end of the semester first. Here’s why you can’t wait to wave goodbye to uni for a few weeks and finally go home for Christmas…

 1. You haven’t had a student loan instalment since September, so trying to make it through to the end of the semester has you feeling like:

the walking dead zombie

2. There’s just not enough people who share your enthusiasm for Christmas.

filmeditor will ferrell elf christmas movies revolving door

3. For example, your lecturers just keep talking about deadlines instead of focusing on all things Christmas and you just don’t think it’s okay.

seinfeld burn insult jerk george costanza

4. Because all you can think about is mince pies and the excitement of dressing up your pets in cute festive costumes.

dog french bulldog reindeer alx s christmas ornaments

5. You’re totally in the Christmas spirit, but you can’t even afford to eat, nevermind decorate your student house.

atlanta donald glover broke atlanta fx i'm fucking broke dude

6. You and your uni friends can’t even afford to go drinking anymore, so you don’t know what to do with yourself.

RealityTVGIFs school work reality tv bored

7. To make matters worse, your parents are threatening to put up the Christmas tree without you.

the office followers how dare you kelly kapoor why dont you love me

8. Your student house is a whole new level of cold in December.

winter cold coat a christmas story bundle up

9. You’re constantly complaining about just how cold it actually is.


10. Like, stepping out of the shower in your student house is actually hell.

game of thrones snow cold jon snow sad john

11. And you’re completely done with your flatmates stealing all of your milk.

YoungerTV tv land done younger hilary duff

But you’re pretty happy at the prospect of going home and stealing your family’s milk…

12. Three words: home cooked meals.


13. Because no matter how hard you try, student Christmas dinners just aren’t the same.

Image result for ross geller it tastes like feet gif

14. You can’t even remember the last time you had a full night of sleep.


15. And at this point in the semester, you’re literally depending on Netflix to get you through the day.

Black Sails tv season 3 starz pirate

16. And naps have become essential for survival.

demi lovato tired sleep bed so relatable

17. You’re starting to forget what day it is and what daylight looks like because it’s dark when you go to uni and it’s dark when you leave uni.

Image result for what day is it gif

18. You’re actually starting to procrastinate your procrastination.

90s mtv daria procrastination procrastinating

19. Really, you just need a break, because this is literally you when anyone tries to talk to you about uni:

Are you heading home from uni for Christmas? Find out how Uni Baggage can help you…

uni baggage christmas 2016

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