Ryanair 2017 Baggage Allowance And Fees

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Travelling with Ryanair? Here’s everything you need to know about the airline’s luggage allowances, fees and excess baggage charges. 

And, see how prices and service compares to luggage shipping with Uni Baggage…

Ryanair Hand Baggage

Passengers may take one main item of hand luggage into the cabin. This item must not be more than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm in size and 10kg in weight. You may also take a smaller item, such as a handbag or laptop, no larger than 35cm x 20cm x 20cm.

Hand luggage is free. However, if overweight, cabin baggage will either be refused at the gate or will be or where available, placed in the hold of the aircraft for £50/€50.

If travelling with an infant under 23 months, you may carry a baby bag up to 5kg in addition to your carry-on luggage allowance.

If you need to buy a suitcase, we recommend purchasing this kind on Amazon, as it is cabin approved by most airlines.

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SuitcasesRyanair Checked Baggage

Passengers can check in two bags at either 15kg or 20kg, which you can choose from during booking. Dimensions must not exceed 81cm x 119cm x 119 cm.

Checked bags are charged per person, per one way flight and prices vary depending on season. Customers are advised to book baggage online ,as it is cheaper than at the airport. Off season, a bag weighing 15kg will cost from £15  – £25 online or from £30 – £40 if booked at the airport. During peak season, a 15kg bag will cost from £25  – £35 online or £50 – £70 at the airport.

Off season, a bag weighing 20kg will cost from £25 – £30 if booked online or £40 – £45 at the airport. During peak season, a 20kg bag will cost £35 – £45 online or £55 – £75 at the airport.

Ryanair Excess Baggage

If your checked bag weighs more than 15kg or 20kg (depending on which you have booked), you may purchase excess baggage up to a maximum of 32kg and this can only be purchased at the airport ticket desk. Excess baggage will be charged at £10 per kg.

Ryanair Sporting Equipment and Musical Instruments

Passengers may check in sporting equipment and musical instruments as hold luggage, alongside other checked baggage, provided that the item does not exceed 20kg, or 30kg for bikes.

The fee for these items is £30 – £60 per item, one way, booked online or £35 – £75 one way, booked at the airport. Prices vary depending on the item in question.

Uni Baggage – Airline Baggage Alternative

If travelling off season, with baggage under 15kg, Ryanair can be an affordable option. However, if travelling during busy periods, with sizeable luggage, passengers can face significant charges, especially if their baggage is overweight or oversized.

Uni Baggage provides an affordable airline baggage alternative. We’re a convenient and low cost luggage shipping service, which helps holiday makers, students, expats and business users transport their luggage quickly and safely.

Book online and we will collect your luggage and deliver to to where it needs to go. As well as door to door service, we also offer full online tracking, a generous 30kg weight allowance per item.

LuggageWeight (per bag)SeasonRyanair Price OnlineRyanair Price at AirportUni Baggage Price*
1 Bag15kgLow£15
1 Bag20kgLow£25£40£16.99
1 Bag30kgLowN/A£125£16.99
2 Bags15kgLow£30£60£16.99**
2 Bags20kgLow£50£80£33.98
2 Bags30kgLowN/A£250£33.98
1 Bag15kgHigh£25£100£16.99
1 Bag20kgHigh£35£55£16.99
1 Bag30kgHighN/A£125£16.99
2 Bags15kgHigh£50£200£16.99**
2 Bags20kgHigh£70£110£33.98
2 Bags30kgHighN/A£170£33.98

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*Uni Baggage prices vary depending on route. Get a quote, to see prices.

** (30kg allowance per item, so only one bag necessary)

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