Airline Baggage Rates, Allowances And Restrictions

Sending luggage with an airline is not the most straightforward task in the world…

Something which should be simple, requires much effort and research because (frustratingly) each airline has its own unique rules; prices, weight restrictions and allowances.

SuitcasesThis means passengers often have to mine through tons of information, just to find out basic details, such as how much airline baggage will cost and how much luggage you can bring. Not ideal if you’re trying to plan a holiday, or a nice relaxing trip.


Airline Baggage Information Guide

To make life easier, Uni Baggage has put together some useful airline baggage information. We’ve researched all the airlines below to find key details about their weight allowances, size restrictions, hand luggage rules, how many bags you can bring and of course – how much it will cost. Just click on the logos below to find out more.

Airline Baggage Information

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Luggage Shipping – An Airline Baggage Alternative

Instead of using an airline, have you ever considered shipping your luggage with professionals?

Uni Baggage is a luggage shipping service which provides a cheaper and more convenient alternative to airline baggage. Simply book your luggage shipment online and we will collect your suitcases from you and deliver them quickly and safely to where they need to go. We offer luggage shipping to 200+ countries worldwide.

How does it work- (1)

There are so many benefits to shipping your luggage, but here are just a few of the most important ones:

Benefits Of Uni Baggage
Low cost - from £16.99
Large weight allowance of 30kg
Easy online booking at payment
You can book an unlimited amount of items.
Door to door collection and delivery
Full online parcel tracking
Fast delivery times of 1-2 days within UK and 2-3 days worldwide.
No queuing at check-in desks
No waiting at baggage carousels
You can travel hands free
Worldwide delivery - to 200+ countries

Get a quick quote for your luggage shipment any time.

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